Toys for Your Lovable Little Rascal – Baby Boy Toys

Having a new baby boy can always be a life changing experience for most anyone. Putting gender consciousness aside, it is an undeniable fact of life that baby boys usually have somewhat a little bit of extra energy than most baby girls. And this added vigor brings a differently flavored fun and excitement to parents. The joys and the pleasures that a baby boy can bring to his parents are immeasurable. That is why parents are always on the lookout for things that would keep their baby boys happy. One of the age-old ways of doing this is by giving such cute little lads with baby boy toys.

Traditional Baby Boy Toys

When one is asked about toys for baby boys, the things that would pop into one’s mind would be cars and guns. A long history of chauvinism in human civilization would explain why boyhood or masculinity is greatly associated with violence and aggression. Throughout the history of toy making, toys for boys are often either about competition – racing with cars or carts, or hostility – fighting with swords, spears or guns. This is quite perplexing in today’s world of political correctness.

Alternatives for the toys that represent aggression would be toys that represent “masculine” activities. These usually come in the form of little “job” toys like miniature carpentry sets, building blocks, mechanical repair kits, and so on. Such toys are seen to be intended to prepare little boys for the jobs that they will have later on in life as “men”. While these kinds of toys are rather more tame or acceptable, they still practice some kind of sexism or gender stereotyping. In these times such is being avoided. This is why a new outlook with regards to children and their activities is being implemented and applied to various things including toys.

Toys for Today’s Baby Boys

With the growing sense of gender equality awareness, people are now more careful with their selection of what they give to children. Most toys that are geared for boys nowadays no longer address the stereotypical notions but rather just their natural dispositions. Boys are found to have and edge with strength or energy. In this light the toys made for boys are designed to take advantage of such knack. Examples of such toys are activity centers, baby gyms, mini exercisers, and so on. These toys are not really strictly for boys, they can also be used by active baby girls. Such toys may be good for the development of babies, girl and boy alike.

Things to Look Out For When Buying Baby Boy Toys

Baby boy toys are toys for infants and when infants are concerned, safety comes first. While most baby toys these days are carefully crafted with safety features, there are still quite a number of toys out there that are not necessarily up to par with safety standards. It is good to check toys for harmful materials and coarse or sharp edges to make sure that the baby is not harmed while playing. Baby toys should also be not too small that they can fit into children’s little mouths to prevent choking and ingestion.

Baby-safe toys are very much widely available in most infant and toy departments. They can also be purchased in many online stores in the internet.

Baby boys can bring so much joy and it is thus important to also keep them happy. After all, parents know well enough the consequence of having fussy little ones.